National Seminar on “Art and Nationalism”

The national seminar “Art and Nationalism” will present a discussion of the problems that occur in Indonesia, concerning nationality, art and culture. It is intended to discuss the matter as a solution so that disintegration will not occur   due to differences in attitudes and cultural differences. The existing attitude differences should be seated in one forum   presenting the discussion of nationality and culture openly, effectively, efficiently, and ethically. They   should be  easily accepted by people in various circles, be it the education community or the general public who care about art and nationalism in  Indonesia.

The  seminar   will feature 4 speakers. The keynote speaker is Prof. Drs. SP Gustami, S.U  from ISI Yogyakarta. While 3 other speakers, namely: 1). Drs. Mardjono, M.Sn (ISI Surakarta). 2). Nofrijon Sofyan, Ph.D (University of Indonesia) 3). DR. Pujiyanto, M.Sn (State University of Malang).