A Book Review Discussion with International Researcher

ISI Surakarta has held a Book Review Discussion on February 24, 2018 at Teater Kecil Building. It is about a book by Dr. Kathryn Anne Emerson (USA) entitled Pembaharuan Wayang untuk Penonton Terkini : Gaya Pakeliran Garap Semalam Sajian Dramatik Ki Purbo Asmoro. She has been struggling and dedicated in the world of puppets for 30 years. Not only as researchers but also translators, lecturers and lecturers. He is also active in various events organized by ISI Surakarta. Therefore, we appreciate the highest level of dedication in the world of art, especially wayang kulit “said Dr. Guntur, Rector of ISI Surakarta in his speech.

Besides the writer, The discussion has also invited Yanusa Nugroho (Cultural observer), Dr. GR. Lono Simatupang MA (UGM), Nanang HP (alumni of Surakarta ISI and practitioner) Dr. Sugeng Nugroho (ISI Surakarta) as Responders and Dr. Suyanto MA as moderator.