Living in Surakarta

Geographically, Surakarta is located in between 110045’15’’ -110045’35’’ east longitude and between 7036’00’’ -7056’00’’ south latitude, covering an area of approximately 4404.06 hectares. Rest in the basin between the two mountains, Lawu and Merapi, Surakarta is also bounds by bengawan solo (literally translated to the river of solo) in the east and south.

From transportation aspect, Surakarta lies in a very strategic position, connecting two major harbor cities, Semarang and Surabaya to Yogyakarta. With this strategic position, no wonder if Surakarta becomes the business capital for its surrounding areas. This geographically strategic position also made Surakarta a place with a very dynamic art life.

Surakarta’s dynamic art life will not be possible without participation and support from local government, artists and people of Surakarta. This participation and support manifest in theater, art gallery, and museum own by local government such as Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah and Radyapustaka museum or Balai Sudjatmoko and Danar Hadi’s batik museum manage by private institutions. Obviously, as an institution focuses on art and culture, ISI Surakarta also own gallery and museum that hand in hand with other institutions contribute to Surakarta’s dynamic artistic life.

 Aside from known as the center of culture, Surakarta is also famous for its delicious cuisine. It will not be a complete visit to Surakarta without going on culinary tour. Different from others culinary tour destinations, Surakarta offers reasonable price especially because they understood many of their customers might be students. This friendly atmosphere is a reflection of Javanese stance which considers politeness as their virtue.