Indonesia Institute of the Arts (ISI) Surakarta has numerous programs and activities involving institutions for higher education, non-government organizations, and artists from other countries. These activities include art performances, exhibitions, workshops, student exchanges, sending art instructors to other countries, and research. These connections and collaborations need to be improved in an endeavor to develop ISI Surakarta towards becoming a World Class University. These existing connections and collaborations also need to be developed and expanded further, and managed in a more systematic and continuous manner, in accordance with the vision, mission, and goals of ISI Surakarta.

In order to develop and expand these international connections and collaborations, a well-established organizational structure is required, supported by professional staff and adequate facilities. For this reason, ISI Surakarta has decided to establish an organization, which will be able to carry out the role and function of handling international connections and collaborations, in the form of an Office for International Affairs (OIA).

The duties of the OIA at ISI Surakarta is to make plans to develop and broaden international connections through various strategic activities in the fields of education, research/art composition, and community service, by welcoming foreign students, promoting and intensifying relations and communication with foreign embassies (in particular the education ataché) in Indonesia; developing effective and efficient collaborations with foreign partners, improving the service of the OIA by providing regular and up-to-date information on the internet; visiting partner institutions abroad; holding international seminars and workshops; carrying out research collaborations, work practice and community service with teaching staff and students from foreign higher educational institutions; and mapping and facilitating opportunities to obtain grants or financial aid from abroad.